Thursday 8 April 2010

We were in Bristol over Easter staying with one of Matthew's brothers and famille. The other brother and famille were there too, so it was a mad old but great time. I love both his brothers and wives and one of my sister-in-laws in particular. I would have chosen her as a friend and I think that's always a good sign.

We are all on the same wavelength alot of the time. Just to illustrate the point, we'd brought down 2 bottles of bubbly, the others had too and the host family had bought a couple in too! So 2 nights and 6 bottles of bubbly later... ;-)

As well as seeing my lovely in-laws, the other thing I love about going to Bristol is the obligatory trip to John Lewis' Haberdashery. We don't have a John Lewis in Leeds, although rumour has it that is soon to be rectified. We took the kids to see Nanny McPhee (fab film) and I managed to drag everyone into JL while I fabric shopped. JL fabric department is one of my favourite places to buy fabric. I love that you can buy as little as 10cm. I know you are thinking 10cm won't get you very far, but believe me I can make a heck of a lot of these and certainly a load of these with 10cm.

Time was short so in supermarket sweep style I picked up a few stash favourites - stocked up with some Cath Kidston dots and flowers, a couple of Tanya Whelan's, an Amy Butler spot that I love and then this gorgeous green Liberty esque almost Tana Lawn, which I think is going to be a new fave. The small scale is perfect for my pics and cards.

If you haven't yet discovered the wonders of John Lewis fabric Department, it's well worth the trip of finding your nearest one.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter x


PatrĂ­cia S... said...

What a lovely fabrics!
fabrics: my recent lover!


Kylie said...

Fabulous haul, Karen, and great idea combining it with a movie outing! Happy to hear you had such a fab holiday :) Kx

One Flew Over said...

I wish our department stores sold fabric!!

Happy passover x

Anonymous said...

When I was a Theatre Design student JL was talked about in mythical terms for it's fabric selection. We have one at Bluewater but it's just downgraded it's fashion fabric side, although still better than nothing and the upholstery bit is pretty splendid. Love your choices.

The champagne comment made me laugh, sounds like a gathering of my friends!

Christine said...

Gorgeous fabrics in this post and your previous one - I have major fabric envy!!