Tuesday 5 January 2010

This week has not started too well. We have had a great holidays and I really switched off and enjoyed a much needed break. We caught up with some friends. We went on a great walk in the Yorkshire Dales (queue picture on my header). We ate alot. Drank alot. Chilled alot.

I knew I'd relaxed well because towards the end of last week my fingers were starting to twitch. I was beginning to sleep less well as I needed to get active with work again.

My studio had got into it's usual pre-xmas over-worked chaos that needed tackling head on. I had all these plans that required the children to be back at school. A trip to Ikea was in order so that I could sort the chaos. Oh and purchase some more fabric ;-)

Samuel was still off yesterday so that was already a staggered start to the week. Matthew was off too, so a trip to Ikea was order of the day. I'd been planning to get this set of drawers for a while - highly recommended by Madame TFD. Purchase made. Drawers built (by aforementioned off work hubby). Organisation started....

And that's where it's ended. The night's heavy snowfall has scuppered any further plans to regain order up in my studio. The children were off school today and with school closed again tomorrow, I'm not totally sure when I'll manage to venture up there again.

Still, there is something rather mesmerising about that colour coordinated site, don't you think? Or am I just a little more anal than normal?


(P.S. Thank you for your lovely comments and good wishes about my grandparent's anniversary. We had a fab old time with grandad rather proudly declaring secrets of their courtship - stories we'd never heard before!)


Chloe said...

Hey there! :o)

Woah, i'll bet that walk was fantastic! We have some great walks in Derbyshire, but the cold renders me completely useless =P

So it's indoors with a hot water bottle for me! (^_^)

All the schools are shut here too, i hope it clears up enough so we can atleast get out and about :o)

ooo nice drawers.. i reeeally love the way you've organised everything, it looks too gorgeous to disturb! A work of art in itself :o)

Have a great night!

Lyn said...

Oh that drawer looks lovey, I wouldn't want to use any of it though!

Anonymous said...

I love the beautifully organized drawer. We have bought quite a bit from Ikea it's so well made and good value. I also have a pile of Ikea fabric, I don't think i'll ever cut it up, I see it more as a collection. Anyway Merry Winter hope you have fun in the Snow.

Kate at M is for make said...

I love these drawers, I must have them immediately to store pretty things in...

Pink Stitches said...

Loving the drawers!!
Thinking a trip to ikea might be on the list of things to do - hopefully when its stopped snowing!!

Anonymous said...

No not odd at all, there is just something so lush about colourful threads and ribbons. I once spent a rainy Sunday colour co-ordinating my entire ribbon collection into my nans old Kilner jars!

Kristy said...

Too organised for me. I'd never want to use any off it!
That's why you are successful and I'm not though ;)

oklyous said...

I must admit.. I LOVE colour cordination:) So whish I had enough space in my room to really tidy up, and organize all of my thread and so on..But that will just have to wait..