Friday 8 January 2010

We have big plans this year to put our own stamp on our house. We bought this house when we first moved back up from London over 5 years ago. And whilst we fell in love with it immediately we have lived with some interesting decor that we haven't quite managed to obliterate.

Until now.

Next month we are starting attacking with vengeance and I am having an amazing time putting into place all those items I have been drooling over for aeons.

First off the living room...after some persistence I have managed to persuade Matthew that we NEED this Orla wallpaper around the fireplace. Fortunately he's relented. I've given him first choice for the bedroom. Well that was easy. You have seen what we've been living with there. Anything will be an improvement. And it's not like I entertain in my bedroom!

Having got the wallpaper, the teal, grey with a touch of mustard theme was beginning to materialise. Next stop Etsy to finalise some fabrics that had been on my wish list for almost as long as the Orla wallpaper.

The first two are by Caitlin of Pippijoe. I just love her patterns and the richness of the colours she uses.

These next 3 are by Roisin and Arounna of Repeat. An equally talented pair that produce the most stunning handprinted fabrics.

These fabrics are now all on order and I'm now sitting very patiently waiting for them to arrive. Ok, so I'm not so patient. I'm beside myself with excitement and can not wait to get going on some cushions and possibly a quilt for my new room. It's going to be unrecognisable.


Lisa said...

Your house looks amazing, in fact it is one of those houses that Ive always dreamed of living in. Nope Im not jealous at all..........LOL!! Love the wallpaper & fabric choices, cant wait to see the final result!

Kristy said...

I do love that wallpaper. Think the fabrics are really going to tie everything together.Can't wait to be 'entertained' in there ;)

Ann Granlund, textiltryckare said...

I was om the Supermarket today and bought the last coffeetin. I can send it to you if you still want it. The price is eight euro plus postage/stamps. Then I need your address. Take care and have a nice weekend,

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! that is my favoutite wallpaper ever. All the fabrics you have picked are gorgeous too - lovely colours. Kate xx

Helen Cuthbert said...

Nice choice of wallpaper. I have had to take my BF tastes into account too when decorating. There are some things he just won't budge on though. However I have managed to sneek a few girly things in. They come round to the idea eventually!

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Gosh, I recognise your style of house - from Leeds and around... Love it! Thanks for reminding me about Munieca - I've just done a quick post with credit to BP

nath said...

great choice of fabrics! love the colour scheme