Tuesday 12 January 2010

There was a discussion going on in Twitterland today about whether we are turning into mini factories all over the country. I was busily producing my new Message Hanging Hearts and tweeted the fact that I had a bit of a factory going on and was this a good thing.

The hearts have several stages...the printing and cutting out of the message labels...the cutting out of the hearts...the pinning in place...the stage one sewing of the label followed swiftly by sewing round the heart...stuffing the aforementioned heart with wadding and dried lavender...and finally, sewing the opening.

It was generally decided that if you like the processes and find them therapeutic, then what does it matter anyway. And how rewarding is it to see the pile grow and have physical signs of hard work at the end of the day. How often does that happen? Unless of course you are going to include the piles of washing and dirty dishes!

So, as the lovely Jane of Snapdragon Garden put it...as long as it's a happy factory all is good!


Just Original said...

I think everyone must be sewing hearts at this time of the year! I have had my own mini production line of these going on today!

Vanessa x

Kristy said...

Love that font! Where'd you get it?