Saturday 23 January 2010

As some of you know, on my lists of things to have a go at this year is quilting. And as per usual my actions are somewhat driven by an external drive.

Some very good friends have just had twin boys. This wonderful occasion was the driving force behind the start of my quilting journey.

I decided to go for a simple design to start with. Partly because I am a complete novice and partly because we are going to visit them for the first time tomorrow and I wanted to be able to take the quilts with us.

Whilst I'm very pleased with the way the fabrics have come together, I am less pleased with the feel of them. I probably should have asked you experts out there before this what you use as batting. Both Manda and Kristy suggested a wool batting.

I however didn't use a wool batting and not only that used a too heavy weight one. The result is that the quilts are a bit stiff. They haven't got the snuggle factor that I was hoping they would. I think I might have to suggest they are used as changing mats or playmats.

So what type of batting do you use ? If you use something that makes a soft and snugglable quilt I'd love to know. Particularly if you are in the UK, but would love to hear your suggestions anyway.

I'm delighted to have started my quilting journey and I'm certainly not put off. I have loads of plans, including the rather large one I have in mind for Ruby's bed and for our new lounge. but I definitely need to purchase some superior wadding before I do.


raspberry said...

all this talk of quilting, I might to have to make another little one :)

Unknown said...

they look lovely! After a few washes I am sure they'll soften right up - so don't worry!

I like wool for warmth, but I prefer the way cotton (hobbs heirloom in particular) and hobbs heirloom cotton/poly blend drapes. It's thinner, easy to quilt, washes really well. It's pretty lovely. Asdings is a nice, helpful online shop that I use a lot for my wadding

Anonymous said...

I love the fabrics and think they will make great playmats if they don't soften down. They will make great presents.


sew obsessed said...

I love your fabric choices. Lucky little boys. I'm quite new to quilting to, but I have used a bamboo/cotton blend wadding and were pleased with the results. Online shop cottonpatch have a good range of wadding and advice.

Debra said...

Hello...not sure who i stumbled form to here :) I use bamboo/cotton but i am a novice too...although this was lovely and soft. I have only completed two small ones so far, and just started a recycle vintage one for my loving chopping up old doilies, old soft linen shirts, sheets etc..this will take some time as i work around 45 hrs week away from home....sweet day:)

Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

I am no expert on wadding (or batting) or quilting for that matter. For the couple of quilts I made I used either whatever was on sale from a big role of wadding in a Norwegian Craftshop or flannel sheets (because Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing said to use those). I rather like using the flannel sheets, very cheap and they are absolutely not stiff etc but I guess they are not as warm and less of 'heirloom' quality than 'real' wadding.

Lisa said...

Love those quilts, the fabrics are lush!! I've only made 1 quilt, but I used Hobbs Heirloom Premier batting. Like Katy said, it is quite thin, but I've seen blogs where people have doubled up the batting to thicken the quilt. It washed up really well & is currently snuggled up with my 1yr old daughter.

Kristi said...

I like the Warm 'n Natural series--they feel a lot like Hobbs Heirloom. They are easy to find in the states, but my local quilt shop in Aberdeen carried them. I've also tried bamboo which was very easy to quilt and had nice drape, but was very thin. If you have a local quilt shop with lots of types of batting, I suggest you got in and have a feel and talk to the people in the shop about them. Good Luck, and I love your choice of fabrics--so pretty!

Kristy said...

I love the fabrics you've chosen they look so fresh and very Blueberry Park too. That's a great idea about using them as changing mats.
I think the stuff I use is cotton based and Doughty's really is a great online shop.Manda recommended thm to me so they must be! it seems expensive but it is so wide that a metre makes alot more than you think.
I really liked the quilt Manda made for Lily too using an IKEA cot quilt if I remember right? That was lovely and pouffy like and old eiderdown.

Snooze said...

How nice to 'meet' someone else starting on their quilting journey ... one of the things I want to do this year too. I love your colour choices and I'll be learning at the same time as you. I can't wait to hear other people's comments re the batting too.

Anonymous said...

Love the fabrics you've choosen, they look great

Julie said...

I love the quilts. I made a very similar blue one for a friend's baby in the autumn. The wadding was cotton, which I love using, and it gave it a lovely soft drape. But it was quite thin and I think wasn't really suited to being anything other than a quilt but yours look like they will be great as playmats too.

Laurel H. said...

There have been some great suggestions made here already; for example, the more they are washed, the softer and less stiff the quilts will be.

When I first started quilting, I opted for the 100% polyester batting, because it seemed to me that it would produce a quilt closest to the ones you can buy in a store. Bad idea; I was attempting to compare apples to oranges. I should have looked to handcrafted quilts made by real quilters, instead.

Many quilters, myself included, gravitate mostly towards the all-cotton or mostly cotton battings. They really do yield the best quilts. Just make sure that, if you do not quilt densely, that you at least quilt at the recommended intervals (the package of the batting usually recommends something like every 4" or 6" or so).

If you find these to be a bit thin in the beginning, you can (as was mentioned before) double up, but the more quilts you create, I believe the more comfortable you will become with the single layer of the heirloom-type thickness of these all or mainly cotton battings.

Hope this helps, and happy quilting!

Laurel H.

P.S. The quilts look great just the way they are! If they were given to me, I'd use them as QUILTS on my babies--not changing pads!

ArtShades said...

I have twin boys too and would have been delighted to received these. I always intended to make my boys one each myself - but now they are nine the moment has passed!! They would make lovely roll/play mats now and then look beautiful in their cots later. Then as pillow covers for when they sleep away from home, then hung on the wall, or across the foot of their beds. Then converted to cushions - gorgeous.

They will be loved for years!