Thursday 31 December 2009

Call me a bit slow but it has suddenly dawned on me today that not only is it New Year's Eve, but the end of a decade. I know, I know, where have I been hiding! The thing is it is my Grandparent's Wedding Anniversary today. Not just any anniversary, but their 70th. And as you can imagine this event has been much anticipated and for me anyway, has slightly distracted from where we are at in the world in general.

My Grandparents are the centre of our whole family and as a consequence we are an unbelievably close-knit family. Whether some of us are living overseas or elsewhere around England, it's as if we are never away from each other. That is true from the grandparents down to the now 3rd generation of the grandchildren's children.

From when we were children, we have always had a family tradition of Friday afternoon tea being held. When we were all little we used to gather after school. Big plates of bread and butter and jam, crumpets, and chocolate cake would be devoured. Then us kids would scatter ready for 'It's 5 to 5, it's Friday and its'....'! (If you're old enough you'll know what I'm talking about!)

This tradition still takes place today and no matter where abouts in the world you happen to be, you know that anyone who is in Leeds will be gathered at Grandma and Grandad's.

It may not be Friday, but guess where we will be this afternoon, celebrating an incredible event?

Wherever you may be on the cusp of this new decade, I hope it will be a memorable and special dawning for what is to come. Happy 2010 xx

(P.S. The wonderful card was done by the amazing Helen from storeyshop who came up trumps by producing this card super quick over the xmas period when yours truly hadn't got her act in gear quite soon enough to order in plenty of time. Thank you Helen, you are a star!)


Anonymous said...

Many congratulations to your Grandparents, enjoy yourselves and I love Helen's card, her cards always delight!

Kristy said...

Love that tea-time tradition just a shame Crackerjack is no longer around! Mind you I feel like I'm juggling cabbages plenty of the time!
Your Grandparents sound so inspirational.Send them my love.

Swetha said...

Happy 2010!!!!! Thats a lovely card!

Lisa said...

Congrats to your Grandparents!! Our tradition was Saturday afternoons at my Nans, chelsea buns & Top Deck shandy, & too much Grandstand on the tv (welsh rugby family!!)

Love the card, its amazing!!

Happy New Year. xx

Lyn said...

Wow thats lovely, all those years together. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Congrats to your grandparents, Karen. Your new photo is awesome of the family! Have a wonderful New Years!

One Flew Over said...

What a wonderful milestone for your grandparents! Happy New year Karen x

silverpebble said...

Wow, I have never before heard of a couple celebrating their seventieth - what an amazing achievement!

Happy New Year to you and to them


Anonymous said...

7O years that's amazing and I love that card