Friday 18 December 2009

How appropriate we should wake up to this winter scene when I was planning to send my festive cheers to you all this morning! I have no idea if it is due to last, but it always looks beautiful while it does. I love the light that comes into the house when there's snow outside. There's such a mysterious glow.

The downside is we are heading down to London today for a family celebration and I'm not relishing the extra time in the car it is going to take or the amount of extra layers we will have to drag with us.

Still, I suppose it is winter after all!

The children break up from school today, so I'm not very sure how much time I'll get to come on here over the next couple of weeks. And we'll all be busy with our families and own celebrations. So if I don't see you for a while I wish you a very merry Christmas and looking forward to sharing lots more with you in 2010.

I'm going to leave by sharing with you a scene that I think will be featuring quite highly over the next couple of weeks - having time to cosy up and drinking lots of hot tea!

(Latest purchase from my trip to Anthropologie)

Happy Christmas everyone xxx


Kristy said...

Your house looks gorgeous!
Have a great time over Christmas.Hope you don't get stuck in the snow.Seems particularily bad near London.Take some blankets as Davina McCall had to sleep in her car last night!
I have the mugs like your cups!

Unknown said...

Oh. Karen. Is that your house? It's lovely.

Have a fab Christmas time - and enjoy your trip to London, even if it will take you forever to get there! We're going down just after Christmas, hopefully the snow will be long gone by then!

I bought those mugs for G's teacher and for my brother and his girlfriend for Christmas...and told quite a few people I wanted some too (so I'm hoping I'll get a whole alphabet!)