Tuesday 3 November 2009

Planning ahead

It's definitely that time of year. I don't know about you but, even though we've a ways yet before 2010 is upon us, I do need somewhere to write down things for next year. Next year's calendar is definitely something I need now. I normally get one of M & S's family calendars for the kitchen - lots of space and normally I can find quite a funky one. I've been looking at Etsy to see which to get for my studio however. I'm after something prettier up there. Something that's just mine, that isn't going to have everyone's schedules and arrangements scribbled over. I really only need one to check dates, rather than having to write anything on. Here are some of my faves so far...

Cupcakes sure make me happy and I like the fact that there is a little column to write should I need to (only in my favourite best pen of course). This is one of several fun calendars with great illustrations from Yeehaw

This is a very sweet one from Alidesign, but I'm thinking i'd like something bigger. Cute nonetheless

I love this by Beth Fioretti. Very different from the screenprinted ones I had in mind, but a beautiful piece of art on the wall all year.

Back to the screen printed varieties... again this is veering away from the wall calendars (amazing how distracted you can become when you enter Etsy territory!) but very sweet to have in your bag when needed.

I'm liking this one from PSPapergoods and they have a great one for the kitchen too - just not quite big enough for my lot.

I think you can tell from this snippet, that there is alot out there. Many other contenders that I haven't even included. Go check out Etsy for yourselves. I'm sure you'll find plenty that will make it to your not-even-quite-whittled-down list.


BadPenny said...

lovely... I need to get 2010's calendar as I'm already writing dentist apps etc on the back of the 09 one !

Kristy said...

Cute calendars! One year I took some of my son's artwork, copied it, and made calendars for family for Christmas. I matched the pictures for each month. Then I also made some matching stationary.

Dotty said...

cupcakes for me please !!! x

One Flew Over said...

A gorgeous selection...heading over to etsy right now!

Dee Wilcox said...

These are so adorable! Hard to believe it's November already! I skipped a desk calendar this year and missed it... Just might go for the Papergoods desk calendar. :) Thanks for sharing!