Wednesday 24 June 2009

Pretty as a Picture

In the theme of wanting to show you some of my new acquisitions to Blueberry Park, please give a warm welcome to Samantha Peare. Sam does the most exquisite embroidered items using recycled and vintage fabrics as much as possible.

Sam is inspired by nature and the art of nature illustration and her pieces have beautiful embroidered insects hiding in the patterns.

The fabrics themselves are tactile and rich and then with the added element of the embroidered creature, each item is unique and original.

I love the little purses and can imagine taking one out with a few essentials in on a night out. As for the clutch bags. They are super chic and will definitely be a show stopper.

The lavender birds are so cute and look so pretty hanging in all sorts of little hooks, nooks and crannies.

Sam is one clever lady.


Anonymous said...

seriously, I have taken to practically living at your house and you still hide these things from me!! I'll be back tomorrow and expect to see these in person!


Your creations are outstanding!! Love the clutches, very dear!!

come see me !