Monday 15 June 2009

No excuses

I definitely suffer from being very scatty with my organistion. If the phone rings, I will literally pull to hand the nearest scrap of paper to write the message on, whether it's an order I'm taking down, or something my Mum tells me I need to remember to do (oh, yes, I still get alot of that!) The trouble with this method, or lack of, is that I obviously cannot trust the sccrap of paper to relay and action the said message. And the trouble with this is that in an attempt to not forget anything important, everything gets stored in my brain. And the trouble with this is that my brain gets crammed full and I constantly feel under pressure with so much to do and musn't forget any of it.

It's not as if I am adverse to having notebooks or the like. I love stationery. You would in fact be correct in suggesting I have a compulsion towards having to buy it.

In an attempt to be both more organised and use some of the (plenty of) notebooks that I currently possess, I have taken it on board to be clearer and neater with my organisation.

I now have 3 notebooks on the go. Ones that stay together (because you can bet the one you need is the one you leave elsewhere when the phone rings. I now carry these around when I move from floor to floor in the house. One is for lists. Daily lists. Work lists. Birthday reminders. Kids lists. It's obviously quite full.

The next is for ideas. Take Away Craft Kit ideas. Picture ideas. Card ideas. Any new creative ideas.
My final one is my Stockists bible. Who are my stockists. Who I'd like to be. Who has contacted me.I'm now feeling very virtuous in my organisation and I agree that I may be going from the extreme of being a tad lackadaisical to a tad anal, but I think this will work. Not in terms of getting more done. I'm not that naive! I'll just know what I'm not achieving. It'll be there clear as day. And besides. If I'm using the notebooks, surely at some point they will run out. And I'll need to buy more. I'm not daft :-)

All that's left now is to actually get my butt into gear and do some of the items listed.


Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

I love notebooks. Yours look very cute too! I think you are pretty well organised with 3 different notebooks, better than I am anyway :)
Strange thing is that I forget useful or important day to day stuff but I can easily recall very non-useful information like awful songs from Eurovision Song contestants from years ago. :D

meplusmolly said...

Ooo what gorgeous notebooks!
A must for jotting down all that you have to remember I feel! ;0

Anonymous said...

oh puhleeaseee! You're just showing off cause you know that I was oogling them all this morning. :P xxx

One Flew Over said...

Good for you! Organisation is ofetn underated...but I LOVE it! And better yet...such beautiful notebooks to keep you motivated.

Unknown said...

Funny that I too love notebooks and keep buying them , now I just have to remember to use them ,