Wednesday 5 November 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Lazy Daisy Glass. The exciting thing about being tagged is finding out that people you didn't know have found you and read you - so thanks Kathryn. The worrying thing is finding 7 interesting things to tell you AND find 7 of you that I follow that haven't been tagged already. So apologies if you have - and apologies if it's not all that interesting :-)

Tagging means sticking to the following 7 rules:

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I was tagged about a week ago (maybe more) and at first my head was spinning with what I was going to tell you. Then I left it to one side and have just come back to it and here are my 7 random things about me!

1) I completed the Leeds Half Marathon in September. Ok, so it's not a full marathon, but it was a personal achievement none-the-less and one I am immensely proud of. I also ran for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre on behalf of my auntie who died this summer after a 5 year battle with cancer. I raised over £2000 which I am even more proud of.

2) Claim to fame - I ball-girled for Martina Navratilova! I went to PE College at Brighton Poly, studying to be a teacher. We were based in Eastbourne and so used to be the ball girls for the pre Wimbledon Tournament at Devonshire Park. We even got to have a play on the beautiful grass.

3) I don't know why but I have always had a thing for Abraham Lincoln! I'm not really a history fan but this period of American history really fascinates me. And at some point I must have seen Gregory Peck in the film 'The Blue and The Grey' and it has stuck. What can I say? Weird!

4) Matryoshkas. I absolutely, completely, utterly LOVE Russian Dolls. I love illustrations of them. I adore them on fabric (hence my kits). Love making them in to cards, keyrings, brooches, magnets. It's an obsession. I can't help it.

5) I know we shouldn't have regrets in life. And generally I don't. But my biggest regret has to be not being able to afford to go skiing. It used to be the biggest love of my life. As I child I was lucky enough to go on endless school trips. As a young adult I was incredibly fortunate to study in Idaho, USA for a while, where we used to have skiing classes every week - EVERY WEEK! Then while I was a teacher I used to lead annual ski trips to Europe. Hard work - but so worth it to be in the mountains and on the slopes. Since being married and having children it is a no go. But one day...

6) Matthew and I took 7 months off after we got married to go travelling round the world. I missed out after Uni, feeling the pressure of having to get out to work, so when this opportunity came we weren't going to let it pass by. Those memories live with me daily.

7) And last, but certainly not least. I am addicted to hand cream. And lip salve! I have to have one of each wherever I am. So they are dotted around in all my bags, coat pockets, drawers, car. It would be awful to be in the wrong place and not have them :-)

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Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it ;-) x


Anonymous said...

A half-marathon!? That makes you practically a super-hero in my eyes! That's a huge achievement, well done!

Thanks for the tag, I'll have to get my thinking cap on!

Unknown said...

Well done on your 7 facts. They are really interesting and one day you will go skiing again. I'm lucky, I only live 1 hour from Aviemore so have been skiing there. Not quite the same as Europe or USA though.

Hannah said...

Hi! I enjoyed reading your facts and I'm very impressed about the marathon running! :) Thanks for tagging me, I was tagged recently so I'll pass this time I hope that's ok? :) Thanks again xxx