Friday 7 November 2008

Good day for painting

Last week was half term. My lovely big sister, Sara, had the 3 children to stay for a couple of days, so that I could get some work done (I was equally lovely and had her 3 for 3 days over the summer). It was fantastic to get some work done, having had so many disruptive weeks even before we got to half term.

What it also meant was that once the children came back home, we were able to have some quality time.

Quality time for the boys meant being able to play on electrics for longer than normal. For electrics, read Play Station, DS Lites, TV, Computer. As I said - electrics.

For Ruby, however, my girlie kindred spirit, it meant time for painting. Ruby is happiest when we have time for any kind of crafting. Be it sewing, glueing various objects and copious amounts of glitter, learning to knit, getting out the paints.

So often in our mad word, essentially ruled by her brothers' busy schedules, she is told 'No, not now.' 'I have to get tea on.' 'We have to go take Samuel to Scouts.' 'We have to pick Noah up from footy.'
So, when she is told 'Okay, lets', she takes the bull by the horns and goes gung ho into paints. And when the fingers start to be applied with the aforementioned substance, I have to bite my lip and remind myself that this is what having kids is all about. And be grateful that what makes her happiest is spending time with me doing her favourite activity. Life doesn't get much better than that.