Monday 30 June 2008

Yeh or nay?

Sometimes I design something that has been sitting in my head. I guess like alot of you out there, images of ideas pop in to my head at all sorts of times. Sometimes they begin and don't actually make it out. Sometimes they sit there for ages and eventually do. And sometimes they are out before they've fully formulated at all. This is one such idea.

Last night I decided I wanted to do this design. I must have been thinking about it at some point, but before I was even conscious of that thought, here it was. Because I hadn't had time to think it through, when I saw it I wasn't sure how I felt about it.

The kids' response was the best confirmation I needed. They were fighting over who was having this one ('guys, this one is mine! I still have to photograph it!') and after they realised they couldn't they started to put in orders for actual shirt fabrics. 'can you do it in spots?', said one. 'I want checks' said the other. 'Can you put an 'S' on it?'

I guess it's a 'yeh'. Thanks kids!

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