Monday 16 June 2008

Fun at the Fair

I've been invited to take part in an Arts and Crafts Fair in Leeds on Sunday. I'm a little bit nervous because it's a regular event all full of talented craftspeople. I always feel a bit of a fraud in these surroundings, because everything I do is from a love of crafts rather than any artistic training.

Also, whenever I normally do fairs, it's as Blueberry Park i.e showcasing all my fantastic wares from the talented people that I represent. My own stuff is by the by. Trouble is this fair is to promote Leeds and Yorkshire based artisans. I have a few of those, but in order to make my stall look fuller, I'm having to fill it with my own items. That in itself is fine, but I don't normally hold a lot of stock of my own things, simply make to order.

So I am franticly in production mode this week in order to have enough stock to show. Today was Take-Away-Craft-Kits. I gave myself a target of 24 - 6 of each of 4 designs. And I managed it...

...almost. I ran out of ribbon for the last boxes. So now I need to fit in a trip to the suppliers.

Tomorrow on the agenda is cards...

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