Friday 24 January 2014

:: wildwood ::

 i am setting myself up for a bit of a fall here now with 2 posts in 2 days...
don't worry i am sure it will be as many weeks before you hear from me again.

this week i have been working on a few pieces for dashwood studios with their most recent collection wildwood.

this collection is a case in point where things look so much better in real life. 
if you looked at this collection you would think it definitely wasn't me. it is more twee and busier than i would ordinarily go for.

having said that the thing that stops it being overly twee is the colour scheme. the rustic colours (that orange is much more rusty red in real life...i'm not sure what my camera was playing at) are just spot on and make it quite a sophisticated whimsical collection.

i am totally in love with mr fox. placing the taupe toadstools with it is genius making it a really versatile fabric.

i really enjoyed making a small quilt with the collection. i based the design on one of the first quilts i ever made way back in 2007. simple piecing was called for and i think this does allow all the detail in these wonderful fabrics to be shown off.

making the economy block cushion with solid outer sections had the same effect too...pops of colour but no clashing distraction.

i think my final piece for dashwood is going to involve some wonky star blocks with mr foxy positioned in the starring role of each one.

he is rather handsome don't you think?


Jo Robertson (thejoyofthehousetomyself) said...

Such lovely colours !

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Three gorgeous projects! And yes, Mr Fox is rather handsome!

mumasu said...

I love your different projects with this line. The wonky star is fantastic. Sue

Di said...

Nice projects K. Mr Fox looks good in the centre of that wonky star. Di x

Kay said...

This are all great. My favourite is the economy blocks with solid sections, that works so well and I haven't seen them done like this before.

Bess said...

I found your beautiful finished pieces on the Dashwood blog- I have been admiring their new collections- the foxes also caught my eye. We have a lot of urban foxes where I live. Maybe a design with foxes and wheely bins should be next...!