Friday 22 November 2013

:: number 2 ::

i got a little feeling of what it must be like to win an oscar or the like yesterday when i discovered that my advent calendar kit was voted as number 2 in BT lifestyle's best advent calendars

we will just sidle past the question of who actually goes on the BT lifestyle website to see it shall we?
actually i think plenty of people surprisingly have as i have been printing these kits ad infinitum as alice of backstitch will testify.
with regular weekly emails of "help, need more red Klona!"

what makes me particularly excited more than anything is the thought of so many people a week on Sunday hanging their advent calendars, filling with them with their choice of treats until xmas eve.

i thought i had printed my last panels last week. i even told alice so. but no, with just 8 days to go until the start of advent orders are still coming in fast and furious.

and panic upon panic...alice has run out of klona crimson! i've run her dry!

thankfully i have managed to secure another source who have guaranteed me delivery tomorrow...printing on sunday...mailing on monday...happy people making kits on tuesday.

i may have ordered just enough if anyone else still want one...shout now because this really is the final order.

and if you don't fancy making one up i do have one available to buy ready made. i guess i felt i was missing out on the sewing up fun and wanted to join in. anyway it's available here and the kits are available here.


Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

That's fantastic Karen!

Nicky said...

I am so pleased for you Karen!

Kerching, kerching!

Charlotte said...

woot woot!!!!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Excellent - there'll be a thriving black market in Scarlet Klona at this rate!

Joanne said...

Yes it's just me who goes on bt lifestyles! But my broadband is with bt so I have an excuse!!!! And I'm so pleased I spotted it, as it made me put my kit together. And now I'm officially organised and early!
And you should have been No.1 but I think it was the biscuits that swung it....