Wednesday 2 October 2013

BM time...take 3...

 So it's that time again...the time where when i had wished for more than 3 children i am damn glad there aren't more.

it's bar mitzvah time...again! well actually it's bat mitzvah this time as it's ruby's turn, but full on entertaining our nearest and dearest for an entire weekend.

having done it twice before i haven't quite got the oomph to get going on the organising for a third time.

thankfully ruby being a girl means that this time she has loads of ideas and input of her own. 
that in itself can be double edged...having someone else to consult and negotiate with is just yet another hurdle to jump. still, she's very keen to be on board and it is definitely another pair of hands.

unfortunately my heart isn't quite in this one tho, partly for bad reasons (not having dad with us is playing on my mind) but partly for good (humungous work deadline 2 days after...and one that hopefully by then i will be able to spill the beans about...finally!)

putting all the colour schemes, party prop ideas, food consultations, invitations made, written and hand delivered to one side there is the big issue of dress shopping...
5 people, 3 outfits a piece, 4 for ruby "because it is my bat mitzvah" if we didn't know.

(ignore gonky pic...where's a decent photographer when you need on?)

in order to cut down on the wear and tear on my shoes searching for my attire i decided to make one of my dresses and after seeing made by rae's ruby dress it seemed both perfect and rather apt.

when i set out i wasn't sure what fabric it would work for me in but i grabbed what fabric i had in my stash that was big enough to give it a try. i wasn't going to waste precious special fabric if it wasn't going to be right.

after a few changes to the original pattern - the original one has gathers which i felt were a bit baby doll for me so i adapted these to box pleats - i decided that this was indeed a great dress for what i needed it for. next time i do need to use more fabric across the front so the pleat doesn't pull across my ample bazoomerage (yeh right - magnifying glass springs to mind).

the question then was which fabric was i going to make it in. originally i had in mind this nani iro but having received a sample, whilst i love it and will possibly use another time, it wasn't quite right for this event.
looking again i have decided on this beautiful voile below. 

i am actually really excited about having this and bullied kate into sending it pronto (if i could have persuaded her to drive up to leeds from brighton to bring it today believe me i would have). 
because i wasn't sure which one would work best with the voile i have ordered 3 of the brussels washers. i am hoping one will jump out at me when i see them in the flesh. does one of them jump out at you?

so end of october sees bat mitzvah weekend along with **** deadline so if you don't hear from me before i resurface again in november, you now know why!


Nicky said...

Great little number! I think you will be ok with any of those - whichever you prefer with your complection - some colours make me look so washed out.

Good luck on the deadlines and BM!

Adrianne @ On the Windy Side said...

This looks so great! I've got the Ruby dress pattern as well, and I love the box pleat you added. Might have to try that myself!

Charlotte said...

eeeeeeeep!!!!! How exciting! The kids' dad said to me just yesterday that we need to start planning Lucy's bat miztvah. Just to give you some context, it's in a year. Shoot me now!

Annabella said...

I love your dress and the box pleats are gorgeous - very sophisticated!

Unknown said...

Exciting times. The dress is great, I love the pattern, and the box pleat was an inspired idea.
Look forward to seeing your next dress and hearing all about the secret project.
If you're interested, I'm hosting a giveaway on my little blog today. The prize is 4 fat quarters to celebrate the start of Autumn. Hope you'll pop over and enter.
Jill x

lindsey said...

Lovely dress and great fabric...looking forward to seeing it all finished :)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Ooh - going to be lovely - the dress that it, not the stress xxx