Wednesday 11 September 2013

a little exposure...

 so i managed to sneak another holiday in this week...a mini break to France with some girlie friends to catch some last of the summer rays.

it was blissful, relaxing, stomach splittingly hilarious, as it can only be with the girls.

i was already in a good mood when i got home late last night, so when i quickly logged on when i got home having, had no internet for 4 days, i was greeted with 2 wonderful blog features that made my mood even greater.

first up was seeing the fantastic makes that the oh so lovely nicky had made with my new allotment fabric. nicky had not only bought up some of my new fabric pronto, but she had also sewn up this incredibly cute little cross blocks almost before it hand landed on her doorstep.
i adore these nicky.

if this wasn't enough to come home to, and it really was, the next blog mention blew me away.
i have long since been a huge fan of lotta jansdotter's as you know and to have the queen highlight one of my quilts on her blog was beyond awesome. thank you've made my year!

since i am so pumped by holidays and all this exciting exposure there is no excuse for me to not be inspired and get up and move it today.
back home and refreshed...let's see what the day brings!


Nicky said...

aw thanks Karen!

And wow! You are so cool you know!

Happy day !

Go forth and print/stitch ! It is all good!

Catrin Lewis said...

I'm very happy that Nicky did mention you otherwise I wouldn't have found you!

Unknown said...

How lovely, and it looks like you'll be getting some new followers of your blog too.
Well deserved exposure - your fabrics and quilts are beautiful.
Jill x

Charlotte said...

oooh, love Nicky's blocks!

Kay said...

Congrats on your great quilt exposure! It does sound a little rude, though!

Catherine said...

Girlie holidays are absolutely the best. I love what Nicky made

Tennjenny said...

niiice! I love all Lotta's lines so much but didn't know there was a blog of sorts. And come to find out, she was just here in Nashville! Can't seem to subscribe, though . . . . :(

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

I'm sorry, did you actually have time to do your washing after Portugal before you swanned off again!??