Sunday 27 February 2011

Yesterday Manda and I ran a Grey Circles Workshop on making children's clothes. We had 4 lovely ladies join us - Justine, Debs, Julie and Alice. Julie had made the trip down from Scotland and Alice joined us from London. Justine and Julie had a much easier journey being based in Yorkshire too.

Normally the workshops are held at my house, but due to the crazy time I'd been having and still having the house-guests, we decided to relocate to Manda's, which worked out more than just fine.

The aim of the workshop was for everyone to make a top/dress, followed by a pair of trousers for any size from 6 months to age 6. We got off to a great start with everyone choosing fabrics and discussing their worries and concerns, the major one being sewing curves.

Alice kept us all entertained with her desire for precision measurement and concerns for achieving such. Alice was also quite scared of sewing curves but is demonstrating here how she has achieved the perfect curve.

Everyone chose fabric combinations and made great tops, but even going an hour over we had to leave with the trousers needing to be finished off at home. With 2 of our party having trains to catch and a long journey ahead I didn't manage to get photos of all their beautiful finished wares, but hopefully I'll get photos sent through and be able to show you then.

In the meantime here's the one I made - a dress for my almost 5 year old niece. The wonderful thing about this pattern is that you really can customise it to your own desires. I used a crisp plain linen for the body and sleeves and appliqued some Liberty print circles along the hem to add a little detail.

This really was a fun workshop and lovely to produce a garment. So, if you missed it this time, but would like to join us at the next one on May 7th, click away here and join us then. We'd love to see you.


Vintage to Victorian said...

Glad it was such a good day. Did you have to do all the talking or did Manda's voice come back? x

Gilly Tee said...

The dress you made is great, I love the circles.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

What a nice idea! Looks like everyone had a fun time! I'll bet the kids will love their new clothes!

Judi said...

So I'm not the only one who travels miles to one of your workshops. Will your next workshop be childrens' clothes? I don't have any little ones.

Justine said...

It was a fab and highly entertaining day!! I'm just about to blog so my top will be there!!

Flossie in Stitches said...

Oh dear, I hope I didn't drive you all crazy with my worrying about perfect seams?!

It was a lovely day and just what I needed after a rubbish week at work. I'd highly recommend your workshops to people of all sewing abilities.

I've finished the trousers (they look great!) and am going to applique the blouse this weekend, then I'll take some photos and email them to you.

Julie said...

Hiya - hope things are quietening down a bit. Just wanted to let you know that I have finished Islay's tunic and trousers (photos here - She loves them and so do I. Thanks, once again, for such a lovely day. Juliex