Monday 28 February 2011

I recently bought this gorgeous Folklore Kokka fabric on Etsy. Don't you just love it? I really like Kokka fabrics. This is another of my faves that I intend to buy very soon.

Today I had my first sewing day for quite some time and this was waiting patiently at the top of the making pile (there is a serious making pile backlog going on right now).

As well as making these flat-bottomed pouches to gay abandon in varying shapes, sizes and fabrics, I have a new zipper pouch design that I have been working on, but I need to get that more perfected before I use precious fabrics like this. I am dying to use this fabric on my new design, but in the meantime you are just going to have to manage with this style.

And it's available right here.


Tiffany said...

I love this! The bag and the fabric - so cute! I really need to learn how to do zippered pouches... they look so cute in any side.

elsy said...

wonderful fabric...beautiful bag, you are so clever

Karen said...

I love it! What pattern did you use? I'd love to give it a try :o)

beautiful square feet said...

That is lovely fabric - really cute!

Kylie said...

Just divine. That fabric is super ace! Kx

Unknown said...

Hello from Japan Kawaii Ya!
We have some new fabric listed in our Etsy shop.
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