Monday 16 August 2010

I've been having severe computer problems of late. To be truthful, my PC has been giving me grief since the day I bought it almost 3 years ago.
Nobody seems to have been able to do anything about it . It freezes regularly and has driven me to distraction on a regular basis.
It could take me an hour to do a simple blogpost with it crashing everytime I tried to uplaod a photo.

I'm pleased to say it no longer crashes. I took it to my local computer shop up the road, who informed me that Advent were notorious for over heating and thus crashing when large files were attempted to be uploaded.

You can imagine my delight when I managed to upload all these images in one swift sitting.

And you can probably imagine my utter dismay when I tried to type something and realised somewhere along the line my keyboard now failed to function. Aaaaaggghhhhh! Hence I had to throw Samuel off his own brand new laptop, so I could finish what I latest blogpost to show you my new cushion I'd created whilst the PC was in hospital.

The cushion was the product of some inspirational hexies that I received from the very kind and generous Ryan who sent them to me as part of a swap. Thanks, Ryan, for sending me something more than perfect and starting me on my latest sewing obsession.

Needless to say, my PC is still my arch enemy and I'll be ordering my yearned for Macbook quicker than a quickest thing on a quickest day.


Unknown said...

Great pillow cover, very fresh.
I have a new dell laptop and wonder why I never got any sewing done befroe, as I spent far to much time uploading! At least I can now upload watching TV!! KX

Within A Quarter Inch said...

Love your use of hexagons and the outlines! And I do believe I need to use your expression 'quicker than the quickest thing on the quickest day' or something like that....


Kylie said...

Beautiful cushion Karen. I love hexs too and it's on my long list of things to do ;) Meanwhile, very happy to admire yours :) Hope your Macbook arrives soon. Kx

Me and Ma said...

Cushion looks stunning Karen, so simple and fresh looking :)