Friday 11 June 2010

As you can tell, I've had a very productive week in the studio...and you are only getting to see half of it! Life is back to how it used to be. Time to work...there's something novel! No doubt something else will crop up to get in the way soon (yeah, like the long school summer holidays), but in the meantime I'm really enjoying getting creative.

I've been making a few of these pot holders as gifts lately and yesterday decided they'd be great for my Etsy shop. Obviously I still had my lovely Junecraft fabric on the work table from yesterday and whilst I was cutting for the "A Stroll in the Garden" picture, I already had in mind that I was going to use the pear and flower panel for some of these. Actually, I have a zillion projects in my head that these panels will be perfect for. I just love the repeating pattern of seeing a whole linear row of them. It pleases my mathematical brain ;-)

I backed the holders with a couple of fabrics that tied in the orange but gave more of a contrast too. I love the Ikea one on the right, with the sprinkling of orange spots.

They come as a pair and are available here. And if next week continues in the same vein, there'll be lots more by then in there too.


Me and Ma said...

They look really great, I had a go at the quilt as you go method and made the pieces into a couple of pot holders, they turned out well :)

HappySquirrel said...

Those are very pretty and colourful. Would look beautiful and brighten up any kitchen!


Oh, they look way too nice to actually use as pot holders! And I know what you mean about 'things' getting in the way of your creativity - my eldest two are due home from University anytime ... but then I created them too I spose, so can't complain!