Sunday, 16 May 2010

After my new found love of making Log Cabins, my mind has been running over time on how to develop these further. This always happens to me...when I discover something new (to me) I am all consumed by it and can't think of anything else.

Consequently, even tho we are snowed under with BM plans, my mind was obsessing with log cabins and all the developments I want to do and I wasn't going to settle until I'd tried some of them out.

One of the things I have been thinking is how to incorporate log cabins with some personalising.

Again, as with the first, I got out a pile of my favourite fabrics and began to play. I use alot of hand screen-printed fabrics with my work. I love the added texture that they give and the rawness they exude. I am a big fan of the large posse of Australian designers that design and produce fantastic hand-printed fabrics and always want to use these wherever possible. They don't come cheap, but a little goes a long way, I think and in something like a log cabin you really don't need a large amount.

My starting point of part of an Auntie Cookie panel was a definite in my head before I'd even found it in my stash. It had this project written all over it. I love seeing pictures in log cabins (hence the birds on a wire in my first). I feel it adds a story to them.

Another obvious choice for this piece was from another of my favourite screen-printed fabric designers from the wonderful Lu Summers of Summersville designs. Her designs are perfect for log cabins as they tend to be small scale, so lots of detail. Lu also tends to use one colour, so again, not too clashing when using a variety of fabrics.

I haven't quite decided whether this is going to be the beginnings of an idea for a quilt, or cushions, or kept to wall-hangings. But for now I was eating into too much BM time and a little wall-hanging for Ruby was where it had to stay...despite the fact that Ruby wasn't best pleased that I had to miss the final 'h' off Shoshanah because I'd run out of room...she thought I'd spelt her name wrong!


Andi said...

So gorgeous.
Love the personalised touch!!

Justine said...

how very lovely! I'm thinking about getting some Sproutdesigns screen printed fabric to add into my quilt for the fresh modern bee 2.Justine xx

Me and Ma said...

That is very nice Karen, I really like the reds and your right about using a picture in the centre of the blocks it adds so much more interest, I think it looks great as a wall hanging, but would also be fantastic worked into a quilt..

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

This is great - I've been trying to think of what kind of quilt to do for one of my daughter's friends who is expecting her first baby this year. I'm all inspired now. I had tried a log cabin square before but I think I just used the wrong fabrics cos it did'nt really grab me then.

Entre Nous said...


craftyclaire said...

I think that looks fabulous. love the 2 tone, looks very effective.

Cat said...

This is just simply gorgeous and has fully inspired me to do something for my children!