Thursday 12 November 2009

Something for the house

Yesterday ... or was it the day before now? I lose track ... it was Ladies Day. Today it is the turn of your home.

I've been coveting these beautiful cushions by Roddy & Ginger for aeons and finally they are here at Blueberry Park.

If you are a regularly reader, you know all about my soft spot for hand printed fabrics. And my soft spot for cushions. So it's hardly surprising that these were going to hit the spot.

Virginia, the talent behind this vintage inspired company, handprints stunning retro inspired designs onto linen or cotton using water based dyes.

I love the freshness and colours of her designs and never tire of gazing at them. Go check them out right here and tell me what you think. I know you'll feel the same way as I do.


Andi said...

Those dancing girls are absolutely gorgeous. Especially the cheeky look on the one in the middle.

One Flew Over said...

Love these cushions...especially the house prints.

Swetha said...

they are fabulous!!!! very adorable!

Kylie said...

Oh yes, these cushions are just wonderful - simple graphics and clean lines... very yummy! thanks for sharing these. K