Thursday 17 July 2008

One moment of madness

It seems I'm now committed (or should be). I've now not only gone and signed up for this year's Leeds Half Marathon, but sent an email around to let people know. And already people are putting their money where my mouth is and making it now impossible for me to back out.

So I guess the race is on. Not that I'll be racing. I'm only just back into my running gear after a month's absence with my bad back. I gingerly stepped out yesterday for the first time. And whilst it didn't feel bad (it actually felt rather good) my lungs weren't quite sure they could remember being pushed like this and definitely need a bit more preparation.

Still, I've said I'd do it and I will. In the meantime, if you want to make absolutely 100% sure that I won't chicken out, hit here and give a donation to put more guilt on to me and make sure I carry out my threats to participate.

Just remind me to not mention a full marathon...ever...

(Big thanks to those that have already supported me. I do appreciate your generosity x)

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