Sunday 8 July 2012

This little (?) pile of loveliness arrived from one of my lovely sponsors this week...

After having been studiously pouring over my Kona chart I ordered a bunch of neutrals, along with some pretty tangerines. It's amazing how varied neutrals can be and you never quite have the right one to hand. I'm actually looking into doing something with all of them idea is forming.

So a little bit about The Village Haberdashery...
Annie openend The Village Haberdashery just a few months ago but it is already reaching lots of radars. Annie seems to know what everyone wants and stocks a wide variety of fabulous fabrics, including an amazing range of our favourite Kona solids. And if she doesn't have the one in you are after, she will do her best to get it, as my little stash is case in point. 
Aurifil thread, the name on everyone's lips at the moment and stocked here, is another example of how Annie has her finger on the pulse and wants to provide for all our sewing needs and desires.
Perhaps you are a knitter or crocheter? Take a look at the selection of yarns stocked at The Village Haberdashery. Scrumptious, every one of them. I'm saving up for some of this...a beautiful blue wool with a mix of luscious mohair and entwined with glittery tinsel, neon coral crochet flowers, tiny yellow velvet daisies and shimmering turquoise 
sequins. Wow!

Please do take a look at The Village Haberdashery...I think you will like it.


Charlotte said...

mmmm - yummy!
I love The Village Haberdashery, and not just because Annie is my friend. Such a fantastic selection of things, and excellent service too!

Cherie said...

I have seen the website and looked through the fabric many times! Still have yet to save money and order some fabrics. Great selection ant shade of orange is always gorgeous! =D

**nicke... said...

i can't wait to see what this becomes my dear! xo