Tuesday 20 November 2012


 Have you come across the wonders of Thangles yet?
If you have, I'm guessing I'm preaching to the converted.

My lovely sponsor Kate of M is for Make sent me a pack to try. Kate is well aware of my love for HSTs and having recently got into these herself knew I would love them.
And how right was she! Have you tried them? Have you??

 To be honest, I wasn't wholly sure that they'd offer me something that I needed. 
How wrong was I???
I absolutely love making HST quilts and to be honest they aren't the most complicated block on the block (see what I did there?!) but what Thangles do do is make a relatively easy block downright pips, cutting out all that boring mindless trimming after you have pieced them all. I mean, how tedious is that stage? 

 Thangles work by cutting the right strip pieces to begin with and then simply sewing along the dotted line and cutting along the solid lines.
THAT IS IT...perfect HSTs every time.
Honestly, to do just these 8 little HSTs trimmed in all their perfection would take unnecessary and tedious trimming time.
With Thangles there is none of that. 
The trickiest thing about working with Thangles is stopping! I've been at it for 2 minutes and already got 2 projects on the go. I started with piecing some LV with reds and secondly with greens. Greens? I don't do greens, but am rather finding that I do.

Anyway enough from me and the wonders of Thangles. Go see them for yourself. In fact go check out Kate's beautiful HST quilt she made for a wedding gift. Not only is it stunning, but I'm betting Kate enjoyed every second of creating it, thanks to Thangles.

Kate has packs to make HSTs from anything from 1" up to 4".
 I'm using 2.5" for these 2 projects but am thinking I'd like to make a larger quilt with 4" HSTs...
**pops off to purchase a couple of packs before Kate sells out...**

Oh and did I mention Kate is very kindly offering 10% off all purchases of Thangles before the end of November. Simply quote "thangle" at the checkout.

And one final thing...if you aren't signed up to Kate's Newsletter, then you must. She regularly has things you need to know about...including announcing her Black Friday Sale this weekend...you don't want to miss out on hearing about that! 
Go sign up at the bottom here!


Charlotte said...

I love me some thangles. I've used the teeny ones before (half inch finished) and they are SO CUTE!

Unknown said...

I have never made a quilt before in my life. Though I dream of making myself one one day. I can't quite understand what they do, but I popped over to check out that wedding quilt and it was stunning. I'll keep these Thangles in mind for when I eventually take the plunge.

Di said...

What a cool way of making HSTs! Di x

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

I have a roll of Thangles (or something like them!) that I bought in a sale a few years ago...I really must use them! Love your HSTs!

Paravent said...

I am a complete and utter virgin when it comes to quilting... I'm so clueless I don't even understand how it saves time (haha!) but I love hearing the happiness in your words Karen :) Very pleased you can now do your THANG in more style! (did you see what I did there?) Kx

Claudia/Ompompali said...

What a fabulous idea! I had never heard of Thangles before but it sounds highly interesting and I guess I must get myself some! Thank you so much for mentioning - I believe I will really dare to start on triangle quilts like i wanted to for ages! Greetings from Germany