Wednesday 17 June 2009

A little birdy

Anybody would think I had so much time on my hands, that I could quickly knock up a little brooch to go on my nice, new, white, but empty looking cardigan, as I was heading out to meet my lovely friend Roz for a birthday coffee (hers not mine).

Well apparently I do, because I did!

I'm quite pleased with it. What do you think? I was aided greatly by my little stash of gorgeous Aunty Cookie samples that were just crying out to be used in some shape or form. And don't worry, these will be available very very soon. Just as soon as I have sorted out the tricky question of importing.

I obviously didn't have quite enough time because, if I had, Roz would have got one too!


Kristy said...

Umm... I have a length of that trim...ideas ideas...

Mandy said...

Oh I like it very much x