Wednesday 18 August 2010

One thing that always captures my attention is sweetly wrapped purchases. I love when a little effort is taken, however simple.

Have you noticed how well they do it in France? Nothing fancy. Usually involving a paper bag.

The same appears to be true in Tallinn, Estonia.

I wandered into a little shop down one of the old lanes, full of what I soon realised was quite depicting of Tallinn, wall to wall wooden items...from buttons, to butter knives, to chopping boards, to ornaments. The most beautiful, smooth, tactile wood.

If it wasn't for the fact that we literally had 3 hours in Tallinn (down to 1 1/2 by the time I'd found this shop of treasure) I would have perused for longer and purchased masses...good job we weren't then. As it was, the troops were calling from outside. We still hadn't had our obligatory coffee stop in the square. So all I had time for was to grab a few buttons and a couple of brooches.

I was standing at the counter quite content with my little purchases, some gifts, some for me, when suddenly magic occurred and my little purchases were transformed into pretty treasure. As I said earlier, nothing overly fancy, just a thoughtful little touch.

If only I'd had time to gather more.


Janice Ashworth said...

Those are wonderful buttons so beautiful

Kristy said...

Love that brooch! You should get some for Blueberry Park! Go on you know you want to ;)