Wednesday, 25 March 2009


We've had some new visitors to Blueberry Park today. As much as we love them, we hope they are only temporary because it means you love them too :-)

Clever Alice, from Alice Apple makes these fabulous Sausage Dogs and Elephants. She always gives me a choice of the most amazing fabrics from which to choose. It's so difficult because they are all gorgeous. In the end I just give her an idea of the ones I like and I know that whatever she chooses will be great.

We've added a new little missy to the collection and she is just so sweet. I think I've already lost one to Ruby.


Unknown said...

These are absolutely adorable - so bright and bubbly. Would cheer any household.

Anonymous said...

they are lovely!
Thanks also for the order... it arrived so quickly and i love my china!

thanks again for a fabulus service... i shall be recomending Blueberry Park to all my friends.
ginny x

Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

want one! Jaspy might get jealous tho.x