Tuesday 18 October 2011

I have just signed up for yet another swap.

It will be the last one this year and if you even vaguely see me hesitating around a sign up for another, you have permission to shoot me.

But this one I couldn't resist...it's a handprinted fabric swap for goodness sake!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of 'meeting' Nic, when she kindly left a message on my blog and in turn she introduced me to Leslie who is running this swap and she thought I may be a tad interested.

How right was she??

Whilst I promised myself, after signing up for this swap recently when really I shouldn't have (I know...I have ZERO will-power), I wouldn't sign up to any more this year - I have work to do for goodness sake - I really couldn't resist this one. Consequently I am very excited about it.

Now then , lovely readers, sign-ups are open until this Friday (21st) so if, like me, you have zero will-power and think it would be fun, do pop along here and sign up too. It's really going to be such fun. And if you don't think hand printing fabrics is your thing - too technical, don't have the right equipment - my mosaic here includes some fantastic fabrics printed with nothing more than a potato.
Yes, p-o-t-a-t-o, I tell ya!

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Kylie said...

That's so funny, karen! I saw this swap last week and thought 'Should I? Shouldn't I?'... I managed to resist. I just have to clear my dining table of all those magazines! Haven't forgotten that I owe you some hand-printed fabric too ;) Have fun making! Kx