Friday 7 August 2009

Mean Ol' Mummy

Do you think our children appreciate us? Do you think they sometimes wished we were just like all the other Mummies? Do you think they wished we didn't possess a sewing machine? Artists materials?

I know for a fact that Ruby has these desires every now and then. Like when we had a 'discussion' about why she couldn't have plastic High School Musical Party Bags that she'd seen in Tescos. 'But EVERYONE HAS THEM, Mummy!'

Everyone who knows me knows I would NEVER allow that to happen. And I'm sure all of you out there agree with me.

After Ruby's momentary lapse of sense had faded she agreed that a handmade party bag was the way to go. And after we found these fab scarves (pink - tick) in Gap reduced to £1 each (price - tick) she was more enthusiastic than ever.

What's more, she has had so much enjoyment being part of the process, than simply handing money over at the checkout. This morning, along with her friend Sadie, who knows all about homemade is best, we've cut out the fabric, chosen ribbons and threaded them through for the ties.

I think she's rather proud of the outcome and will love handing them out tomorrow filled with all our handmade goodies.

(Thankyou all for your feedback on the keyrings...I think the consensus is that I can go ahead AND that people might actually buy them!)


Pomona said...

And I think she will be even more proud when she gets all the feedback about what a clever mummy you are to make such original party bags - I am speaking from experience here! And can I come to your party, too? I rather fancy the goody bags and the keyrings!

Pomona x

Lyn said...

Something for them to keep their treasures in, I would love to recieve one and so thrifty! Much better than adding to the landfill and Tesco pockets!

Kate said...

Much nicer than yucky plastic! She's very lucky to have a mum take the time and put in the effort to make them for her.
Can't help but complain though - WHY do I never find these bargains?! :)

Kristy said...

Very nice.I always land somewhere in the middle and go for candy stripe paper bags!

One Flew Over said...

Much better than high school musical bags!!! Enjoy the party!!

Kylie said...

They are the most fabulous party bags I've ever seen! Kids love being the same, but then again, they know a good thing when they see it! Great post - thank you! :) K

Rosalind Wilson said...

We love the party bags, and contents!
I know what you mean, Sadie asked me if we could BUY a birthday card for Ruby! Shock Horror!!

silverpebble said...

Gorgeous, useful, thrifty. Fabulous!

andamento said...

Gorgeous bags, great idea.

Anonymous said...
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