Thursday 27 November 2008

Strange old day

Today has been a very mixed day. Firstly, there was the disappointment that my product didn't appear on This Morning. In fact none of them did! Something different to what was advertised was on. But instead, I heard from Trend Bible. Back in the New Year I was approached to feature in the new Kids Lifestyle Trends 2010 trend forcasting book. I never heard anything from them again. Until today. When apparently I have a product in. I'd never heard of this. Although my Mum tells me it is THE book for designers/buyers/etc to purchase to view up and coming trends. (How she knows I have no idea!) And starting from over $600 a pop, I think it's something special.

And here's the image that they chose from Blueberry Park. Really I should thank the lovely Janet Clare for producing such a gorgeous piece as to be in the section labelled 'Cocoon'.

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